AI-Empowered Financial Freedom

Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, WeFIRE is a fully interactive personal finance copilot, providing personalized services 24/7.


Where are you now and where do you want to go? See your finances reflected back to reveal a clearer image of yourself and your needs.


Balance defensive spending with offensive earning, leverage the wonders of investment and compounding to expedite your path to FIRE.


Filter out important tasks from time-consuming busy work, focus on what you need to do and when it needs to be done so your actions net the best result.


Establish a sustainable mindset so you can live a life of wealth, joy, and freedom. FIRE is not about crossing a finish line, but opening up your life to a new beginning.

Ask Copilot Any Spending Questions And Get Personalized Insights

Go beyond static responses with personalized solutions based on your financial data.

See Accounts For A Comprehensive Overview Of Your Cashflow

Connect all your accounts through Plaid for comprehensive charts and in-depth AI-generated analysis.

Know What's Important With The For You Feature

Receive timely alerts on what's important across your accounts so you can swiftly and effectively act on the things that matter.

Stay On Top Of Your FIRE Progress With Our FIRE Plan

Input your goals in our FIRE Plan for progress tracking and a tailored budget, learn to balance between being frugal and treating yourself.

Explore Educational Resources Curated By Us In Learn

Our team strives to create more and better contents about FIRE so you have the knowledge you need to succeed.

Your Security Is Our Top Priority

We are committed to safeguarding your data.This not only means holding ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and reliability, but also providing the transparency and control you need to feel safe and secure.